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True2Form Chiropractic Goes Beyond

True2Form Chiropractic offers services beyond your traditional chiropractor for a more holistic approach to your health.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care consists of low force adjustments, with the primary goal of realigning the spine and other joints in your body. These adjustments balance the nervous system and help the body perform at optimal levels.

Muscle Testing

There are multiple types of muscle testing techniques used today. At True2Form Chiropractic, we use the analysis techniques of Applied Kinesiology (AK) to test the body and identify areas of deficiency.

AK allows us to gain a deeper understanding of how your body is functioning when used in conjunction with traditional chiropractic modalities.

Clinical Blood Testing

In conjunction with muscle testing, blood testing allows us to create a more in-depth supplement regimen for each individual. By looking at the imbalances within the body, we can recommend the right supplements for you. 

Ion Cleansing

An AMD Ion Cleanse helps rid the body of free radicals and creates a more balanced internal pH.

Ion cleanses work by putting an electrical charge into saltwater. This creates an atmosphere that allows atoms to either gain or lose an electron, giving them a net charge. When you put your feet into the water, your body absorbs the atoms and creates a change from within.


Through muscle testing, True2Form Chiropractic can monitor how your body handles certain foods or what nutrients it may be lacking.

Taking supplements can change muscle strength and improve sore spots throughout the body, but keeping your body optimally fed can help you hold adjustments longer and feel better.

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